Characteristics of acrylic sheet (value of plastic products)

Ever wondered how it was made when you saw something made of plastic? It is clearly not a metal, wood or plant derivative. For educated people, it can be thought of as being made by a chemical process, but many others are not so easy to adopt. It is clear that acrylic thermoplastics have many interesting properties and properties. Of course, they are known for their crystal clarity and excellent weathering. But did you know that it can also be used in cast sheets, rods and tubes, extruded sheets and films, injection molding and extruded joints? Acrylic can be used for pamphlet holders, shelves, table tops, donations / suggestions, and exhibitions (p.o.p).
Some common features of acrylic sheets are:

o Strong and weather resistant

o Flexible compared to glass

o Harder to break than glass

o Abrasion resistance

o can withstand long sunlight

o Resistant to most chemicals and industrial fume

o Can transmit or filter UV light

o Easy to clean

o Can be cut in various ways

o Corrosion resistance

o Excellent insulation.
Other common features include the ability to plastic mirrors sheets transmit and control light. It also has stable blurring and dimensional stability, as if you had an acrylic pamphlet, counter, donation / suggestion box, or place of purchase (p.o.p). Due to the excellent combination of structural and thermal properties, clear acrylic plastic is as transparent as the best optical glass.

o It has 92% light transmission

o Mist level is as low as about 1%

o Refractive index 1.49

You can also inject colors to provide a full range of transparent, translucent, or opaque colors, depending on your needs. This process is harmless in terms of long-term durability. Colored acrylic can be used outdoors for a long time. Why? They are formulated to filter UV energy below the 360nm band. Other acrylic formulations make UV light opaque or reduce UV transmission. And what about the mechanical properties? Although the content is low, acrylic can be used for short-term loads. For long-term use, the tension should be limited to 1500 psi to prevent surface cracking and deterioration.
Acrylic works well at low temperatures because the impact resistance of standard formulations is maintained under these conditions. The high impact resistance acrylic grade has higher impact resistance than the standard room temperature grade, but the impact resistance decreases as the temperature drops. It is even known that some types of acrylic bullets resist!

Acrylic plastics are extremely resistant to scratches, especially among other thermoplastics. However, it is advisable to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning. Please note that wear resistant acrylic sheets are available and have the same impact and optical properties as standard grades. You can find it in many of the pamphlet exhibitions, shelves, counters, donations / suggestions, and exhibitions (p.o.p).