A Hassle Free Way to Bet on Sports

Betting can be a great feeling as the adrenaline surges through your veins while the action unfolds and your roar on in support of your winning selection. On its day betting is an exciting ride- unfortunately no-one always wins. With that in mind we are going to look at the biggest pitfalls people fall into to try and help you avoid them.

1. The first of our ten mistakes starts before you 해외축구중계 even decide on what to bet on, this mistake can cost you thousands every year depending on how much you bet- we are talking about shop betting. If you bet in a betting shop you will usually get odds that are much worse than you would get online, even with the same bookmaker! This means if you win you will get less money and it all adds up over time.

2. Loyalty can be a really good thing in this world, but not loyalty to a bookmaker- if you stay loyal to a bookmaker you will miss out on better prices and offers you could have got elsewhere. Look on an odds comparison site for the best prices on what you want to bet on and look at site which has the best offers and bet where the best deal is.

3. How you bet is as important as where you bet, if you aren’t having any luck and you’ve made a loss- don’t chase your losses. Set a limit before you bet based on you are prepared to lose and stick to it, if you chase your losses an unsuccessful day can quickly become a nightmare.

4. Betting blindly on favourites you know nothing about because you think a favourite must win. Favourites don’t always win, this mistake is quite common on football accumulators and has separated many punters from their cash.

5. Don’t get carried away after a big win, some people go crazy with their money after a big win and end up losing it all within the hour- of course have another little bet just to check whether its your lucky day, but leave it at that.

6. Betting with scam bookmakers- A scam bookmaker never intends to pay you any money whether you win or lose, this isn’t betting it’s theft and something you need to avoid at all costs. Take a moment to look at a review or two about a bookmaker before depositing money or only join bookmakers through a site that checks them out for you.

7. Not getting sign up bonuses- most online bookmakers have sign up bonuses to persuade you to be a customer, these can be quite lucrative and provide free bets. So read the terms of the offer and take the free bet

8. Putting too many teams in an accumulator- the majority of accumulators lose and the bookies make a fortune from them, the main problem is people put too many teams on and the more teams there are the less likely it is to win.

9. Betting while drunk- this is one of the worst and can lead to disaster as you make rash decisions without realising how much you are spending. You could wake up the next day with nothing to your name but a bad hangover

10. Greed can ruin everything, speaking as someone who years ago won lots of money and then blew more than I care to remember on one football match- it is a painful lesson to learn and one I hope you don’t need to learn the hard way. Don’t up your stakes if you are winning to win more, you are always going to lose a bet eventually- don’t waste your good fortune.